“Seeing” Photography


Dora Kong

The “Seeing” Photo Exhibition

Ever wonder where do the photography talents exhibiting in the hallway of SEC come from?

Professor Yonatan Tewelde leads the classes of both Basic Photography and Advanced Photography to participate in the 3rd exhibit.

The exhibit features photography students’ work from the last spring semester, showcasing their achievements throughout a semester of training and study.

“It’s all about how our students see the world,” said Tewelde, and “for them to show what is important to them.” Participants in this exhibition are not required to produce a work of art based on any specific theme or topic, but the way they view the world from their own lens, which fits the title of this exhibition—“Seeing”.

Gentrification-‘Old Town’ (Zachary Neal)

For this exhibition, students were free to choose their subjects. Student photographers used professional techniques learned in class, such as delicate composition, lighting, and photoshop to create the displayed photos. For example, students achieve inspiration from ideas like the concept of hell and sin,  thoughts on gentrification love for the city of Harrisburg, and even from a subtle moment in everyday life during training night in a firehouse.

Untitled (Grace Dresher)

“I’m happy and proud of how our students are diverse in terms of where they come from, their opinions, and their ideas about life,” Tewelde said.

The exhibition ultimately aims as a testament to professional education, providing students with proficient training to let them speak out their own stories. As Tewelde notes, “Those are their stories, and we can’t give them stories to tell.”

Limbo (Jenna Lei Espiritu)