Lock, Lock, Who’s There?


Lockers on 3rd Floor of Olmsted Building

The lockers throughout campus are a very useful resource for students who want to have a secure space to keep their belongings throughout the day. However, despite being available for any student, the lockers around campus do not get much use. This is partly due to a lack of advertisement for the lockers as well as many students likely not sure how to get one or who to go to. 

There are three main areas where the lockers can be found, all of them being in the Olmsted Building. On the first floor, one batch of lockers are located on the west side, near the vending machine and bathrooms. Another set of lockers can be accessed on the third floor at the top of the central staircase and elevator, right around the corner from a study area that has tables and computers. The last set of lockers are in the Olmsted basement houses lockers, behind the technology desk and near the Communications Department. 

There are also lockers in the Capitol Union Building, but these are typically for student athletes and anyone working out in the weight room. Any student who wants a locker for securing their belongings should resort to using the lockers in the Olmsted Building. 

Shaina Maclaren, a student who uses a locker, explains how having a locker has helped her college experience. 

“It’s been really helpful for me as a commuter student because then I don’t have to take everything in my bags with me all over campus or leave it in my car. I can keep my books or some essentials in the locker and they’re on hand, ready to go.”

Shaina also provides information as to where she went to get her locker.

“I got mine from the Office of Student Engagement my first semester here and I’ve made sure to have a locker every single semester since.”

Prior to COVID-19, the lockers were more coveted than they are now. However, it is still useful information for students to know they are available if needed. 

“They’re available to any student. It is something that is provided for our students, but there’s no parameters of which student,” explained Dr. Todd Clark, Senior Director of Student Services. “It’s any student who wants to use it.” 

As for where to go to get a locker, Dr. Clark says to go by the Office of Student Engagement in the SEC. “We have not had a whole lot [of students] post-COVID whose been using it, but they’ll certainly be able to assist you. Their phone number is 6180. Miss Steph is fantastic at the front desk, and she can provide assistance and give the help you need.”

Anyone interested in storing their belongings in a locker can contact Dr. Clark at [email protected] or stop by the Office of Student Engagement.