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The independent voice of the students of Penn State Harrisburg

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The independent voice of the students of Penn State Harrisburg

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Empowering Change

Anthony Alviani
Overlook of presentation

Activist and public speaker Omar Mussa visited the campus on Thursday, January 11, to provide insight into the history of Palestinians for students and visitors. The event was held in the Kulkarni Theatre in the Student Enrichment Center. 

 Mussa grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He was a Temple University Economics graduate who later relocated to Pittsburgh to join the Islamic’s Center board. About 3-4 years later he took a significant step in his career by pursuing his master’s degree at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Mussa’s expertise in Middle Eastern studies helped to provide some valuable information regarding the Palestinian community. 

Mussa’s main goal was to spread impactful messages to those in attendance. He shared that the past hundred days were the most challenging period of his life, expressing a commitment to do whatever it takes to address the ongoing issues. 

Mussa emphasized the simplicity of the issue at the beginning of his presentation.

“For those who leave early, the most important thing I want you to leave the room with is that this is one of the simplest issues in the world,” Mussa said. 

Palestinian history may seem confusing, but understanding its core simplicity is crucial to better recognize today’s conflict. 

“I am describing things that are happening now, but I am also describing what was happening in 1947,” he added. 

Mussa stressed that the struggles currently occurring in Palestine are nothing new, and the region has been enduring challenges for quite some time. 

Before the presentation, Mussa polled the audience, which showed that about half had a general idea of the history, while everyone showed interest in learning more about it. Mussa ensured that the audience would leave with a deeper understanding of the topic no matter how much they knew coming in. In turn, this would allow the audience to come together afterwards and help spread the desire for change. 

For many, this can be a challenging time. Anyone who may be feeling overwhelmed or struggling during this time should know that Penn State Harrisburg has several resources for student’s to take advantage of. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is located in SEC Room 205. Students can schedule an appointment with the office Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Anyone with questions can contact Eileen Haase, the Director of CAPS, at [email protected] or by calling 717-948-6025.

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