Flag Football Flies at Finals


Dan Bartlet

No Results Gym Flag Football Champions

After intramural soccer wrapped up, flag football flew right in. This season flag football started out with eighteen teams with a total of 236 participants. After seven teams were eliminated the remaining eleven teams advanced to the single playoff tournament. 

The teams were No Results Gym, Casting Couch, Public Enemy, Academic Weapons and the No. 2 Seed. Once the teams made it into the playoffs a total of four games were played. 

The semi-finals began with No. 1 Seed No Results Gym against No. 4 Seed and No. 2 Seed Public Enemy against No. 6 Seed OTF. 

The top two seeds went on head to head in the championship round. The championship ended with No Results Gym as the winners. 

Once the game was complete No Results Gym team captain Cole Schlenker provided his perspective on the team’s victory.

“I think the game went pretty well for both sides. It got a little chirpy but in the end we pulled it out and we got the dub.” Schlenker said. 

The final score was 33-14. Any students interested next season can look for the sign up on the website imleagues.com