Spring Into Music


Denise Saunders

Adam Gustafson conducts the choir

Penn State Harrisburg’s School of Humanities held their annual spring concert, Lord of the Dance, on March 22 and 23 at the Kulkarni Theatre. The concert began with the choir, after that it went to the band. The concert also included small group performances interspersed with the band’s numbers. Both the band and choir joined in for the finale.

The music featured a variety of dance trends which ranged from waltz to opera, from disco to k-pop. The choir’s performances included Permission to Dance by BTS, Save the Last Dance for Me, and Dancing Queen by Abba. Performances from the band included Soul Man, Susato Swing, and I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston.  The audience danced the night away and leaped out of their seats as they enjoyed Lord of Dance. 

Adam Gustafson, Ph.D. serves as the program coordinator for the music program on campus and views music as a great opportunity for students to partake and participate in. 

“In an ensemble, no one player is thought to be better or worse than any other. All of the musicians have to work together and have to trust in their fellow musicians regardless of who they are, what religion they belong to, what their political beliefs are…The idea of musicians gathering to make something that is beautiful and ephemeral is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.” 

Students interested in participating in the music program on campus for Fall 2023 are welcome to join Music 88: Campus Choir, Music 82: Concert Band, and Music 84: Jazz Ensemble. All of the ensembles count as General Education Arts credits. Students from all majors are welcome to participate in any of the music ensembles.