Volleyball Bops At Finals


Daniel Barlet

2023 Intramural Volleyball Champions – Premarital Sets

 After table tennis concluded its intramural matches, volleyball came bopping in. As intramural volleyball went into playoffs, it was an all out battle. 

The volleyball playoffs began with a total of eight teams in the quarterfinals.  The teams were  Bisconsin Wadgers v. Beach Bums, No Results Gym v. Anita Haniaab, Off in Church v. The Whoppers and Premarital Sets v. Big Dig Lovers. 

In the quarterfinals Bisconsin Wadgers, No Results Gym, Off in Church and Premarital Sets secured wins and moved onto the next round. The scores were 2-0, 2-0 and 2-1.

It was then onto the semifinals. Matches were No Results Gym v. Bisconsin Wadgers and Premarital Sets v. Off in Church. Bisconsin The winning teams in the semifinals were Bisconsin Wadgers and Premarital Sets. Scores from both of the matches were 2-0.  

Eyes were then on the finals. Premarital Sets v. Bisconsin Wadgers. Premarital Sets won the match with a score of 2-1 and were the champions of the Intramural Volleyball Season.

“It feels really great to win the championship,” said Premarital Sets Captain Trent Schlemmer. “I think our biggest motivation was we just wanted that shirt. We’re excited to get a t-shirt. It’s what we always wanted and we worked hard for it.”

As volleyball bops out of intramurals, kickball and wiffle ball are swinging in. Kickball  begins April 11, and wiffle ball begins April 12. Students interested in participating can sign up by going to imleagues.com. Registration for kickball and wiffle ball ends April 10.