Pickle Day: “It’s a Big Dill”

Penn State Harrisburg held its fourth annual Pickle Day in the Olmsted atrium on February 3rd, handing out pickles and smiles alike.

The festivities kicked off with samples of 3 different flavor of pickles: Lillian’s Pickles, a sour pickle (comparable to dill pickles), Sriracha pickles, a spicy pickle made with sriracha sauce, and sweet pickles. The event also offered free T-shirts, which were bright green and emblazoned with a pickle and the phrase “It’s a Big Dill.” If one wasn’t too keen on a pickle T-shirt, scratch and sniff pickle stickers were also available.

Lines for the T-shirts and pickles stretched across Olmsted’s lobby and weren’t quick to die down. Even Penn State’s own Nittany Lion showed up to the festivities, dressing up in a bright green boa to match the classic blue and white scarf.

“We have Lion ambassadors helping out, and I know that they look forward to it every single year,” said Emily Garbino, a student assisting with Pickle Day. “This is my last Pickle Day and all that, so I’m making the most out of it, but it’s really fun.”

While some students may wonder why Penn State Harrisburg has a whole day devoted to pickles, of all foods, there’s actually a good reason.

“​​Originally we were actually a farm before we were an Air Force Base,” explained Megan Bennett, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations. “On the farm, they sold vegetables to the Heinz company so we created Pickle Day because we did sell cucumbers to Heinz.”

Even though it’s a relatively new event, it seems that Pickle Day has already become a Penn State Harrisburg favorite. “Everyone seems to love the T-shirts and the free pickles, of course,” Garbino stated. “It’s just a staple.”

Pickle Day will most likely make its return to campus next spring. 

Members of Lion Ambassadors hand out pickles (Shaina Maclaren)
Members of Lion Ambassadors hand out t-shirts (Shaina Maclaren)
Nittany Lion loves the pickles! (Shaina Maclaren)