Pins Knocked Down in the Final Championship


Mitchell Carson

Nicholas Rhon, Bryan Spivey, Jocelyn Black, and Ella Durst – This years bowling champions.

On Sunday, April 3rd, Penn State Intramural Bowling Teams went head to head in the championship round. 

Penn State Harrisburg’s Intramural Bowling Advisor Darryl Bower is pleased with the overall season. “It was nice to have the intramural league back after a 2 year break due to COVID. The students really enjoyed the program and it’s great the school continued to offer it again. The league was very competitive with teams in the Blue Division trying to have a rolloff who would go up against the White Division winner. It was great in the finals and throughout the year,” Bower stated. 

The last regular match of the season was on Wednesday, March 30th. In the Blue Division, the teams Glory Bowl and Pin Em Down ended in a tie with both teams winning a total of 15 points. In the first round of the championship, Glory Bowl and Pin Em Down competed against each other with Pin Em Down coming out on top in The Blue Division. On Pin Em Down, bowler Josh Africa ended with a total of 189, leading the team to victory. 

After Pin Em Down won the Blue Division, they would go on to compete against The Pin Me Down team in the opposing White Division in the ultimate championship round.  The championship round consists of two games, each with ten frames. On the Pin Me Down team, bowler Nicholas Rohn bowled a total score of 166 in the first round. 

“Our team pretty much finished up well. I put up some pretty great scores and we had fun today.” -Nicholas Rohn, Penn State Harrisburg Bowler 

The Pin Me Down team was crowned champion winning by 39 points in the first round and 114 points in the second round. 

With this season coming to a close, students can look forward to next spring semester and register for the intramural bowling season. 


Pins go down! (Mitchell Carson)