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PSH Map of Campus

As the Fall 2022 semester begins, incoming freshmen and other students may not be completely familiar with the entirety of the campus. A brief tour and highlight of the most important places on campus is as follows. 

Penn State Harrisburg consists of five main buildings in which classes take place. The Olmsted Building serves as the primary building for classes and is also the main building on campus. Accompanying the Olmsted Building are the Madlyn L. Hanes Library, the Student Enrichment Center, the Capitol Union Building, the Educational Activities Building, and the Science and Technology Building. Each of these buildings serves its own purpose on campus and can be used by any student or staff member at any time. 

As well as serving as the main building for classes, the Olmsted Building also houses many of the professors’ offices. These offices, depending on the professor, can be found on all three levels. Specific information related to offices can be gotten from each professor. On the first floor, the main dining area on campus, Stacks, can be found right inside the main entrance to the right. Adjacent to Stacks is Biscotti’s, where students can enjoy the food provided by each of these places. Down the hall from the main entrance lies the Chancellor’s Office as well as other main offices that have signs indicating what it is. Going down the first hallway to the left from the main entrance is where the Gallery Lounge can be found, which is used for several events and larger gatherings. In room C120, the Student Services office can be found for assistance. 

The Capitol Union Building (CUB) houses all of the campus’ athletic facilities. The gymnasium is on the first (bottom) floor of the CUB where students can go to shoot basketballs or attend a sporting event. The aquatics area is also located here with a swimming pool being available for use for classes and other recreational activities. Right inside the side door is the weight room, which requires registering on IMLeagues to book a spot in order to use it. The CUB is also the only building that requires the use of the Penn State Harrisburg student ID card. 

The Student Enrichment Center (SEC) is where a lot of the non-class activities take place. Located directly across from the Olmsted Building, the SEC houses several important offices as well as The Outpost and Provisions, two additional places to eat on campus. One of the main offices in the SEC is the Counseling and Disability Services Office, which is where any student with a learning disability or other personal concerns can go to seek assistance and accommodations for classes. It is located in room 205. Alan Babcock, Assistant Director, Student Disability Resources, is one of the several people within the Disabilities office students can reach out to. His contact information is as follows: Phone (717-948-6108) and Email: [email protected]. Babcock explains that what the Student Disability and Resources has “been charged with is preventing symptoms of a student’s disability from interfering with their academic performance” as well as “change the classrooms, policies, and procedures, and change the campus, so that is campus is accessible to all students.” To schedule an appointment with Babcock, students should visit the office to get on his appointment list or contact him directly. The Kulkarni Theatre is also located in the SEC, which is where campus concerts and musicals take place. 

Several other offices exist throughout the campus as well. The Diversity and Inclusion offices are throughout Penn State Harrisburg. CORED, the Council on Race, Ethnicity, and Diversity, DEEC, the Diversity and Educational Equity Committee, among others are all programs within this department and more information about each of the programs can be found at https://harrisburg.psu.edu/diversity-and-inclusion-penn-state-harrisburg. The We Care Food Pantry, which can be located at Church Hall on the outskirts of campus, provides food to those throughout the community who need assistance. According to the program’s website, ‘Our mission is to mitigate the issue of hunger at Penn State Harrisburg. Our purpose is to provide a supplemental food source” to all who may be in need. More information can be found at https://sites.psu.edu/wecarefoodpantry/

The Madlyn L. Hanes Library houses the Linda Schwab Holocaust Center as well as several classrooms on each floor where several classes take place. This is a great study area that is quiet so students can get work done or attend Zoom classes if needed. The Educational Activities Building (EAB) has several bigger classes for larger classes. The extent of the building is classrooms and a spacious walkway. The Science and Technology Building is exactly as it sounds, housing several offices and classrooms like the other buildings on campus. 

For any additional questions that may come up about the different places on campuses, students should feel free to ask any staff member, including professors, where a particular office or location can be found.

Student Enrichment Center (Matthew Wynkoop)
Science and Technology Building
Hill Island Outside of Olmsted Building (Matthew Wynkoop)
Educational Activities Building (Matthew Wynkoop)
Church Hall (Matthew Wynkoop)
Madlyn L. Hanes Library (PSH File)
Olmsted Building (Matthew Wynkoop)