“The Bloom” Comes to Campus

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly

Cayla Garman, Editor in Chief

A Penn State Harrisburg club is looking to grow awareness and membership for the spring.

The Butterfly and Pollinators Garden Club is looking to attract new members as they prepare to begin building a butterfly garden on campus this spring. Founded in 2019 by current President Stephen Ziegler, the club fosters a community centered around the conservation of nature and pollinators. Club activities include conducting research for, raising funds to complete, and physically working to create a garden which will benefit the local pollinator population. The garden, which will be located on a plot near the Engineering Technology Laboratory on College Avenue, will contain only native plants tailored to attract native butterflies and pollinators.

First Year Club Secretary Sophia Seltzer states, “The Butterfly and Pollinators Garden Club has given me an outlet to continue my passion for nature conservation among likeminded individuals.” Second year club member Amanda Haft added, “The butterfly garden will be more than just a beautiful spot on campus, it’s going to be a favorite spot for pollinators who otherwise would not spend their time here.”

There are over 100 butterflies native to Pennsylvania, but the club’s garden will specifically focus on attracting the 32 most common and a few local endangered species according to President Stephen Ziegler. The National Park Service explains that pollinator populations, which are vital for agriculture and ecosystem health, are declining around the world due to habitat loss, human development, and the expansion of non-native plants within ecosystems. Native-plant-based gardens like the plot proposed by the Butterfly and Pollinators Garden Club seek to combat this decline.

Club meetings occur Thursdays from 12pm to 1pm in Library 305. Email Stephen Ziegler at [email protected] for more information or to join the club.

Common Buckeye butterfly (Robert G. Nulph)
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly (Robert G. Nulph)


Monarch Butterfly (Robert G. Nulph)