Penn State Harrisburg Dances Into the Spring Luau


Shaina Maclaren

Pedro Rodriguez (senior graduating in May) and Veronica Kemmlein (volunteer) asking for words of encouragement for students

Noah Cruz (SGA VP) and Eli Kilburn (sophomore) dish out Penn State Creamery ice cream
(Shaina Maclaren)
Dr. Clark helping to hand out t-shirts
(Shaina Maclaren)
The band Go-Go Gadjet plays a cover of Chris Brown’s “Forever”Brown (Shaina Maclaren)

Penn State Harrisburg held its annual Spring Luau on April 21 to celebrate the end of the semester.

The event kicked off with lines of students waiting to get their hands on the event’s giveaways. All of the giveaways were warm-weather themed, including Penn State bucket hats, beach balls, packages of chapstick, and a paint by numbers kit of the Penn State Harrisburg sign with rows of tulips. There were also exclusive sea-green t-shirts for the event with tropical designs on the front and back.

Along with the giveaways, there were multiple different activities. The main attraction was the bathtub races. These races consist of teams of four navigating a bathtub on wheels down a small paved hill behind the library. Three team members pushed while one remained in the bathtub to steer. Three teams were able to participate before it started to rain and the event was canceled.

Aside from the bathtub races, students got the chance to ride a mechanical shark and enter in a free basket raffle. There was also an area for tie-dying shirts in celebration of Earth Day. Blank shirts were provided, but students were welcome to bring their own. Students were also encouraged to write words of encouragement for other students on yellow banners.  

While listening to the live music, students could enjoy some fresh food perfect for summer. Offerings included kabobs, rice, and coconut chocolate bars for dessert. There was also Penn State Creamery ice cream available in well-known flavors like Alumni Swirl and Death by Chocolate.

“It was crazy to see the turn out at the Spring Fling this year,” said second year student Cayla Garman, “With COVID, campus was so empty for so long, but now, students are all over the place and the lawn is almost full. It’s been a really fun event!”

Spring Luau was hosted by PAC, SGA, and the Office of Student Engagement. The organizations also host Fall Fest during the fall semester, which is also known for entertainment, food, and giveaways.