The CUB Brings Fitness to PSH


Matthew Wynkoop

Capitol Union Building

The Capital Union Building (CUB) is the hub for anything fitness related on campus. Located just south of the Educational Activities Building, the CUB offers multiple facilities for the various Kinesiology classes Penn State Harrisburg provides. Courses in this building can range from Yoga and Self Defense to Ballroom Dancing. Students will need to use their ID to sign in whenever they enter the building.


Probably the most well-known facility in the CUB is the Fitness Center. The Fitness Center offers state-of-the-art gym equipment for students, such as treadmills, free weights, and various strength training equipment. There are also lockers available to store bags while working out.


The CUB also hosts a pool at the Aquatics Center on the first floor. The pool goes up to 6 feet deep with multiple lanes for swimming laps. Penn State Harrisburg offers various swimming and diving courses and lifeguard certification. However, the pool has regular open swim hours, which can be viewed on the website or at the CUB desks.


Off the Aquatics Center are the main locker rooms. The locker rooms have lockers, shower stalls, toilets, and changing cubicles. Students can reserve a locker for the day with their student ID if they’re using any of the facilities. Students taking a Kinesiology class at the CUB can rent a locker out for the entire semester.


The CUB also has the facilities and equipment available for those who prefer to exercise by playing sports. Next to the Aquatics Center is a full-sized basketball court. Penn State Harrisburg’s basketball teams practice and play games here, but the space is also open to students. Outside the fitness center, the CUB has eight tennis courts for students.


If you don’t own the right equipment to participate in some activities, the CUB has equipment to borrow. Students can borrow basketballs, soccer balls, tennis equipment, and lawn games like corn hole and lawn darts. The CUB desk will hold a student’s ID for the length of the equipment rental, and only one piece of equipment can be checked out at a time.


For more information on the CUB and the facilities available for students, feel free to visit the front desks at the CUB for more details. Students can also visit to view the schedule for some of these facilities.