Let The Games Begin! PSH Intramural Sports


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Ultimate Frisbee Champions 2021

For students who enjoy playing sports, but aren’t interested in the various intercollegiate sports, intramural sports are available throughout the semester. Intramural sports gives opportunities for students and staff to participate in recreational activities without needing to commit to an intercollegiate team. The participants create the teams on their own and compete against the other teams.

Water Volleyball Champions 2021-22 (File Photo)
Volleyball Champions 20 21-22 (File Photo)
Dodgeball Champions 2021-22 (File Photo)
Bowling Champions 2021-22 (File Photo)
Badminton Champions 2021-22 (File Photo)
5v5 Basketball Champions 2021-22 (File Photo)
3v3 Basketball Champions 2021-22 (File Photo)

All participants have expectations which require considering their own personal conditions with health and physical activity and having their own health insurance coverage. 

Penn State Harrisburg offers a variety of intramural sports. In the fall they offer Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, Flag Football, Bowling, and Dodgeball. More intramural sports such as Table Tennis and Water Volleyball will be out in the spring. 

Students interested in intramural sports have plenty of options this early in the semester. Registration for Ultimate Frisbee is in progress and ends August 29. The season starts August 30 and ends on September 14. Registration for Soccer has begun and ends on September 19. The meeting for Soccer will be held September 19 in the Educational Activities Building room 104 at 9:00pm. The intramural soccer season starts September 20 and ends October 12. 

Information and sign ups for intramurals at Penn State Harrisburg can be found on the website imleagues.com. Every participating member must have an account created to be on the roster of their selected team. 

For students interested in learning more about intramural sports, an Information Night will be held on August 29 at 9:00pm in the Educational Activities Building. Participants can also contact Intramural and Club Sports Coordinator Dan Bartlet by email [email protected] or by phone by calling 717-948-6267