Lions keep Playoff Hopes Alive with Win over St. Mary’s


Alexa Henry

Isaiah Eggleston

Penn State Harriburg men’s basketball comes out on top with a win over St. Mary’s College of Maryland on Tuesday night. With the win, Harrisburg is now in a three way tie with Wells and Morrisville.

Chase Robinson (Alexa Henry)

At the start of the half, Penn State Harrisburg started with possession of the ball. After a few missed warm up shots, Malik Holland made good use of the next opportunity by draining a three and drawing a foul on Micah Henry. 

Isaiah Eggleston started off his leading scoring night with a three but Henry ended a 9-0 run with a jumper. 

The game seemed to shift into Harrisburg’s favor after a forced turnover. Almost effortlessly, Isaiah Milien passed the ball to Chase Robinson and he elevated above the rim for a slam. 

The crowd erupted with cheers and screams. With almost five minutes left in the first half, Harrisburg seemed to settle in. The score was 26-17 Harrisburg. 

Lance Douglas saw the court for the first time after a timeout called by Harrisburg. It was his first home since leaving the court three weeks ago. 

In the final minutes of the first half, the momentum shifted in St. Mary’s direction after unforced turnovers made by Harrisburg. 

At the buzzer, Daryn Alexander hits a three to end the first half. The Seahawks went back to the locker room with confidence. The score was 33-24 Penn State Harrisburg. 

The second half was nothing short of eventful. Holland opened the scoring run with a three on the first possession but Alexander answered back with a three of his own. 

After a jump ball, a technical foul was administered to Keon Wright which counted as a personal and team foul. Eggleston shot the technical foul shots. 

Alex Leiba scored after the blue and white went on an almost three minute scoring drought. 

Nate Curry, who recently regained conference player of the week, went into foul trouble by picking up his fourth foul soon after. 

Eggleston hits another three to regain momentum with five minutes to go in regulation. However, Curry picked up his fifth foul on the defensive end causing him to foul out. 

The blue and white continued to march on. The score was 61-49 with four minutes left. 

Fouls then continued to fall upon the Seahawks going into the final minutes. Their belligerent head coach protested every foul going down the stretch. 

Despite it all, it was Harrisburg who came out on top, 68-58. St. Mary’s team ended with 19 turnovers and shooting 36% from the field. 

Harrisburg shot 39% from the field with 11 turnovers. 

“We needed this team to win for conference,” said Eggleston, “we’re looking to get third or fourth.” 

Head coach Don Friday spoke to his team after the game and mentioned not to take anything for granted.

“We challenged our guys the last few days in practice to be more aggressive and make opponents uncomfortable. We were all on the same page offensively and we had a purpose in what we were doing.”

The men take on Wells Friday night and Morrisville Saturday afternoon.