Table Tennis Pings At Finals


Daniel Barlet

2023 Table Tennis Champion Suiiiiiii

After Badminton flew out for the intramural season Table Tennis pinged right in. Table Tennis this season started out with 22 teams. The championship round was held on February 2. 

The first round of playoffs began with Caleb Herr v. Colin, with Caleb Herr coming out as the winner. During the first round the teams Adrien, Raghav, The dragon, Suiiiiiii, Harsh, Black Dynamite and FunnyLawyer52  had a bye. 

The teams that had a bye in the first round grabbed their paddles and were ready to play for the second round. The second round was Adrien v. Caleb Herr, Raghav v. The dragon, Suiiiiiii v. Harsh and Black Dynamite v. FunnyLawyer52. 

After four teams were eliminated the championship moved to the semifinals. The matches were Adrien v. The dragon and Suiiiiiii v. Black Dynamite. During the semifinals the teams The dragon and Black Dynamite were eliminated. 

Once the semifinals were complete all the focus was on the final two teams. The championship focused on Adrien v. Suiiiiiii. After a hard fought battle through three rounds Suiiiiiii was crowned the winner. 

Saurab Bhandari is the team of Suiiiiiii and was excited about the victory despite the tough season. “The season was pretty hard this year, all the opponents were really nice. I have done some training at home because I have a table tennis board at home and I practice with my brother…I have been taking table tennis serious for the last few years so all that training has got me here when I had one final tournament.” 

Table Tennis teams paddle it out on the courts (Mitchell Carson)

Badminton and Table Tennis were both nothing but net for their seasons. As they wind down Intramural Volleyball is next on the courts.